Photo: Nevin Wilson, MD

Nevin Wilson, MD
Pediatrics, Allergy & Immunology

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Dr. Nevin W. Wilson has devoted his career to academic medicine, taking leadership roles at West Virginia University School of Medicine and University Nevada School of Medicine before joining UNLV School of Medicine as professor and chairman of the Department of Pediatrics. 

The son of a Las Vegas physician – his father was a practicing allergist for 50 years – Dr. Wilson opted for a career in academic medicine because it allowed him to combine patient care with teaching and research.

“I chose academic medicine for several reasons,” he said. “ First of all, I am very interested in unusual and complicated diseases, and when you are in academic medicine, you have more opportunities to take these kinds of cases. As an allergist and immunologist, I do a lot of things that people in private practice do not often do, like the other day when I did an aspirin desensitization. I also love research. Coming up with a clinical question and figuring out how to scientifically answer it is very appealing to me. Plus, I really love teaching and preparing tomorrow’s physicians.”

Dr. Wilson is experienced in working with patients with complex allergies. He has been part of the state’s Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) screening program and is helping develop a statewide protocol for infants who test positive for SCID, sometimes known as the “Bubble Boy Disease,” in which viruses and bacteria can cause severe, life-threatening infections.

“Through the SCID screening program, every time an infant’s blood is sent to the state lab, if the marker is low, they will call me,” he said. “ We are establishing a protocol to establish the diagnosis before the infant is infected. This is something that will be very exciting for Nevada and something that other states are already doing.”

Dr. Wilson is actively involved in research and publications, publishing two to four papers per year. A current project that involves the UNLV School of Public Health focuses on air-conditioning systems and “what comes out of them,” which may have an impact on one’s allergies.